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Welcome To Development Department

Development Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi is located at 5/9, Under Hills Road, Delhi-110054. Shri Gopal Rai is the Hon’ble Minister of the department.

The brief activities of the department performed through various units are as under :-

Agriculture :-

Under the Plant Protection Scheme technical know-how is provided to the farmers to protect crops from insects, pests, rodents, weeds, diseases etc. There is provision for distribution of quality pesticides as well as plants protection equipments. Training/awareness is imparted to the farmers for adoption of latest production technologies under the Integrated Development Scheme. Moreover, Wormi compost is produced and provided to the farmers/kitchen gardeners/general public at subsided rate. Assistance to SC/ST farmers / agricultural labour is also provided in the form of various agricultural inputs under the scheme. Under Soil Health Management Programme soil testing and public awareness programmes are conducted. Soil and water samples are tested and advice is given to the farmers as per requirement. Under Seeds Certification Programme seed certification facility is provided to determine the quality of the seeds.

Animal Husbandry:-

Under the scheme - Improvement of veterinary services and control of contagious diseases in hospitals and dispensaries, teatment of sick animals, supply of medicines, vaccination, diagnostic facilities etc are provided to live stock farmers through the network of 45 hospitals, 29 dispensaries and 01 polyclinic. The main objective is to control contagious/infectious diseases like Hemorrhagic Septicemia (Galghotu) and Foot and Mouth Disease (Muh-Khur), Rinder-Pest, Rabies etc. Free Artificial insemination with frozen semen in cows and buffalos are provided for genetic up gradation of livestock. Training camps are organized for live stock farmers. Training to SC/ST candidates is also conducted on modern poultry farming. Animal disease diagnostic facility is available at disease diagnostic laboratory at Palam. Testing of samples is done free of cost.


The main objective of the scheme – Inland Fisheries Activities is to maintain fish-fauna in river Yamuna and its tributaries, Fisheries activities in village ponds / jheels etc. Fast growing varieties of Fish Seed to fish farmers is provided at subsidized rates. Technical knowledge of modern Fish Culture technique is also imparted to farmers.

Rural Development:-

Delhi has a rural area of 556 sq kms out of the total area of 1483 sq kms. At present there are 199 rural villages as per 2001 Census, which are further divided into 05 Community Development Blocks in NCT of Delhi.

There are about 78 Multi Purpose Community Centers constructed by the department in rural villages for providing communities services to the rural population. The repair and renovation are carried out under the plan scheme Mini Master Plan for development of rural villages. Delhi Rural Development Board was constituted in October-2004 to ensure overall development of rural villages under the scheme Integrated Development of Rural Villages. Development works like construction/renovation of approach roads/link roads, drains, parks, playgrounds, cremation grounds, development of water bodies/ponds etc. are executed on the recommendation of the Board.
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